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What to pay attention to if you want to use plastic bottles many times

Jan 07,2023 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

Everyone should know the effect of using plastic bottles! But if you want to use this kind of bottle many times, do you know what you should pay attention to? Shulifang has also introduced some relevant knowledge points for you. If you want to know If you can take a look, you can have a deeper understanding of our products.

Although some pet cans have different uses and shapes, when we usually use various plastic bottles, they are all spray-type. There are even some specially shaped bottles that can be used as indoor decorations, and can be used repeatedly after use.

It should be noted that most people add things directly after using cosmetic bottles, which is wrong. It is recommended to clean it before use after use, because there may be some sediment in the bottom of the bottle during use. If it is not cleaned, it will not only have a certain impact on the injected water, but may also cause Some dirt formed inside the bottle which was not easy to clean.

And when we buy these pet cans, we also need to check the quality, try to buy bottles without black spots, cracks and odors. Soft plastic is better, because this kind of material will last longer and will not break easily. The hard plastic is easy to break and the material is relatively brittle, especially in the case of direct sunlight, it is easy to fade and become more brittle, and it cannot withstand heavy pressure. That is to say, in summary, when we choose and buy, we try to choose soft plastic.