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How to distinguish PET bottles from PVC bottles

Jan 13,2023 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

PET bottles and PVC bottles are common plastic packaging bottles in our lives, and their shapes are relatively close, so it is difficult to distinguish them by direct observation, but their properties are quite different. PET plastic is a kind of plastic that can be used for beverage and cosmetics packaging, but PVC plastic is mainly used for industrial processing, etc., so it is necessary to learn how to distinguish them.

1. First of all, these two kinds of bottle processes are different. PET bottles need to be blow molded, so there is a material injection port at the lower end of each PET bottle. You can find an injection point by carefully observing the bottom of the bottle. PVC is blow molded without injection molding, so there is no injection port. So the way to judge these two materials is that the one with injection port is PET, and the one without injection port is PVC.

2. If there is white mark after folding, it is PVC, and if there is no white mark, it is PET.

3. In the sun, PVC will appear light blue, while PET will not.

4. It can also be judged by the high temperature that the PVC boiled or steamed becomes opaque, while the PET is still transparent.

5. It can also be judged by the smell. After the PET is ignited, it will smell a fragrant and comfortable smell. The burning speed is fast, and there is coke and black smoke. PVC will smell of hydrochloric acid after burning, with slow burning speed and white smoke.