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Is quality safe when choosing high-end food packaging

Jun 09,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

For the food packaging industry, pet food bottles generally have three grades of product packaging corresponding to low, medium and high. After all, it is for food, and safety issues must be the focus of attention. When food manufacturers choose plastic bottle suppliers, they often choose product packaging with a tall appearance. If it can be cheap, it would be better. But is that really the case?
The same is the pet food bottle. Low-end products and high-end products often differ in workmanship and raw material consumption. The high-end pet food bottle uses more materials and the product is thicker, and it will not feel soft when pinched. However, if the production environment is not up to standard and there is no relevant qualification certificate, it seems that almost the product has a question mark in terms of quality and safety. At present, some plastic bottle manufacturers attract customers at low prices in order to save the cost of raw materials, and use the raw materials to recycle waste pet plastic bottles. These waste pet plastic bottles have the risk of excessive heavy metal and acetaldehyde content. Once food safety goes wrong, the blow will be fatal. Building a brand is not easy, and the impact of blindly pursuing low-priced agents is irreversible.
If you pay more attention to the long-term and healthy development of the brand, you can't just focus on product price and workmanship when choosing a plastic bottle supplier. You'd better inspect the company's scale and production environment on the spot and have relevant qualification certificates. Some plastic bottle suppliers offer attractive prices and the product looks fine. Once the cooperation is completed, the product quality will be unstable, and there will be food safety risks. The scale of the enterprise is too small, although the low cost can give a lower price. However, the management is definitely not up to standard, the environment of the production workshop is even worse, and the product quality and safety issues are not guaranteed at all. As mentioned above, we suggest that when choosing a pet food bottle supplier, choosing a powerful manufacturer is more important than price. After all, brand is the core asset of an enterprise, right?