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Improvements in plastic bottle packaging processing technology help to be more environmentally friendly

Jun 02,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

The use of plastic products is very common in life, easy to use and easy to carry, and has been recognized by the majority of customers, but lotion bottle Manufacturers will have some problems during production, which will affect our work, so we will encounter problems during production. What's the problem? Improve the product grade, the label color is more vivid, the hand feel is smooth, the production process is simplified, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. Alkali and friction resistance, label products can be recycled at the same time, which simplifies the regeneration process and takes into account the environmental protection. Plastic pallets are a type of plastic packaging, but plastic pallets are not only used in packaging and transportation, and the performance of plastic packaging is different, accounting for a large proportion in the packaging industry. As plastic packaging becomes more and more widely used, environmental protection issues follow, how can we make plastic packaging more environmentally friendly
Improve and improve plastic recycling and processing technology, greatly increase the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials, improve and eliminate the hidden danger of white pollution caused by plastic packaging materials, and improve resource utilization; promote plastic blending technology, new products and application technologies of plastic additives The progress and development of plastic packaging materials is to ensure the high performance of plastic packaging materials, realize the reduction of packaging materials, develop intelligent and other cash packaging technical means, and make use of the edible and water-soluble characteristics of some plastic packaging materials to reduce the amount of packaging waste. Output, improve the safety and environmental performance of plastic packaging.
Through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of new plastic packaging materials and new technologies, and avoid the problem that many plastic materials conforming to green packaging cannot be applied in large areas due to high costs: develop bio-based plastics and effectively regulate the time for bioplastics to explain and cycle. While giving full play to the function of bioplastic packaging materials, reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment. Plastic packaging is based on green environmental protection, and then enhances the functional compounding and high performance of plastic packaging.