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How to clean the bottle for the first time

Sep 22,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

Every time we go out to play or go on a business trip, if we bring a lot of things, we can use sub-bottles to carry them. If our skin care products are in large bottles, it is also very troublesome to carry, so many people will buy some sub-bottles and pack the skin care products they need to use in these small bottles. Inside, it is not only very convenient to carry, but also very convenient to use. However, the newly purchased sub-bottling needs to be cleaned and disinfected, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.

I believe that when many girls use sub-bottles, they usually rinse with water, then dry the bottle, and then start adding cosmetics to the bottle, and they always fill it up to seven or eight points, fearing that it will not be enough outside. use. In fact, this approach is very easy to turn your sub-bottling into a playground for bacteria, because we simply treat the sub-bottling with clean water, and then seal and fill the cosmetics, which can easily lead to the proliferation of bacteria. And if you happen to have pathogenic bacteria, when you have pimples or small scratches on your skin, it is easy to cause local infection.

The operation method is very simple, girls only need to prepare warm boiled water (remember not to be too hot, because most of the sub-bottles are plastic products), and a hair dryer can be operated. First, rinse the sub-bottling quickly and repeatedly with warm boiled water. After about 10-15 times, take out the hair dryer, adjust to the cold air setting and start blowing the inner wall of the sub-bottling (don't turn on hot air, you understand plastic), the wind can be Powerful, allowing demeanor and water velocity to create the most sterile in-bottle environment possible.