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Do you buy cosmetics in separate bottles for direct use

Dec 02,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

Split bottles are generally used for skin care. It is very convenient to go out for suits. The volume of split bottles is generally within 100ml, which can save the trouble of carrying large bottles when traveling, and also prevent the inconvenience of safety inspection. But if the split bottle can not be sterilized very well, it is very easy to become a bacteria culture dish! How to sterilize the bottles? How do I install it? Next, we will introduce the disinfection method of separate bottles of cosmetics and the steps of packaging cosmetics.
1、 How to Disinfect Separated Bottles
(1) Warm water flushing method
First of all, we need to prepare some warm water, and we must remember that the water cannot be too hot, because most sub bottles are plastic products. For PP or silica gel travel sub bottling, the method of boiling water can be considered. Using the method of warm water, it is necessary to wash the traveling bottles with warm water repeatedly, about 10-15 times. Then use the hair dryer to turn on the cold air to dry with the maximum wind force, so that the style and water flow speed can create a sterile environment in the travel split bottles as far as possible.
(2) Vinegar disinfection
Vinegar is a weak acid, which can disinfect and sterilize to some extent. This method can be used to disinfect the subpacking bottles. After the subpacking bottles are disinfected with acetic acid, clean them with clean water, generally about 10 times.
(3) Alcohol disinfection
First, wash with clean water, then use detergent, clean with clean water, and then use alcohol to disinfect. Put the bottles sterilized with alcohol in a ventilated place to dry.
(4) Disinfection method of newly purchased split bottles
It's basically clean. If you insist that it's dirty or someone has driven it, you can ask the salesperson to get a brand new one. After all, if the shop assistant sees that the packaged goods are dismantled, theoretically, the customer is required to pay for them. However, most domestic consumers have the mentality of opening to avoid buying defective products; And I haven't seen it before. Open it to see what it is.
It is true that many things have such hidden dangers, so if they are not completely packaged goods, it is recommended that you go back and wipe them with water or alcohol before using them. PP split bottles and other small PP portable boxes are recommended to be disposed of and reused. Never immerse directly in boiling water.
2、 How to put them in separate bottles?
Step 1: Open the cosmetics, open the split bottles, and pour the cosmetics into the split bottles.
Step 2: If the nozzle is relatively small, it is not easy to pour it in. Generally, the bottled suits will be presented with a funnel, which can be used to pour slowly.
Step 3: Cosmetics should be poured into separate bottles according to different categories. For example, toner or spray is recommended to be poured into separate bottles of spray, make-up water or essence is recommended to be poured into wide mouth separate bottles, shower gel and lotion are recommended to be poured into duck mouth press bottles, and face cream, makeup remover and other cream like suggestions are poured into round bottles of face cream. face cream separate bottles generally have a small spoon, which can be shoveled into separate bottles of face cream bit by bit.
Step 4: If you can't tell what is poured, you often buy a set of separate bottles marked with oil.
The above are the disinfection methods and steps of cosmetics subpacking. It is recommended that newly purchased subpacking bottles be cleaned before use. If you want to know more about split bottling, you can pay more attention to us!