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Can perfume be separated in plastic bottles

Nov 25,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

Many girls and even boys will use perfume. Although perfume can bring charming fragrance to individuals, perfume has too many flavors, and everyone likes different scents. Therefore, it is a good choice to buy separate samples of perfume before buying it, which can avoid waste caused by not liking it. Many people have doubts about whether they can sub pack perfume into plastic sub bottles, because plastic sub bottles are light and very suitable for carrying out, but they are worried about whether perfume will deteriorate when sub packed in plastic sub bottles.

1、 What can I use to pack perfume
(1) Use the small perfume bottle on the market. When repackaging perfume, we also need to use a medical syringe, because perfume is sprayed by pressing, and its nozzle cannot be removed directly. When repackaging, we can use a medical syringe to insert it along the gap at the nozzle joint of perfume bottle, and then slowly extract perfume and repackage it into small perfume bottles.

(2) But sometimes the perfume bottles sold on the market are too large for us to carry with us, so we can use small perfume bottles to pack perfume separately, which is convenient to spray and carry at any time. It is better not to choose plastic containers for cosmetics such as toner. If you only have these plastic vials on hand, you must pay attention to cleaning the bottles, especially the position of the nozzle, to avoid the peculiar smell of perfume.

(3) Many beauty salons sell small bottles of perfume, which can be purchased directly if necessary. In addition, because of the special structure of perfume bottles, it requires certain skills to repackage perfume. The nozzle on the perfume bottle is not easy to remove, so we can insert the medical syringe along the gap at the nozzle. Because the gap is small, we need some patience. After inserting it, slowly draw out perfume. Because the perfume bottle is vacuum, the amount of perfume to be drawn each time will be small. We can repeatedly draw several more times, and then inject the perfume in the needle into the small bottle. In addition, we can also use the commercially available pump nozzle sub packaging head for direct sub packaging.

2、 Will perfume taste bad in separate bottles?
(1) In fact, it's wasteful to bottle perfume. If you're not traveling on holiday, you'd better not bottle perfume separately. Although it won't affect the effect of perfume, it will still have some impact if you leave it for a long time. It should be noted that perfume cannot be placed in plastic bottles, because perfume contains alcohol and essence, which will change qualitatively after contacting with plastic bottles.

(2) Once the perfume has gone bad, don't continue to use it, just buy a new perfume. Perfume can not be recovered after its smell changes, because it has undergone qualitative changes and can not be restored to its original taste. In fact, perfume will not change its flavor easily. Unless you store it in the wrong way, perfume will change its flavor completely. Whether bottled or not, perfume needs to be placed in a cool and dry place, so as to avoid perfume expiration, change and longer stay. Each perfume works at a different speed. It can last for 4 to 5 hours. It is better to use it once a day. Repeated use is not recommended.