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Precautions when using split bottle to split lotion

Oct 25,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

When people go on a trip or business trip, they have too much luggage. In addition to cosmetics and skin care products, there must be too many things. At this time, separate bottling can solve these problems. You can put skin care products and water emulsion in separate bottles, which is very convenient to carry or use. The premise is that separate bottling needs to be disinfected before use! Now let's introduce to you the precautions for using separate bottles to separate lotion!

1. In addition to disinfection, it is also necessary to control the amount of lotion to be bottled separately during travel. Select the right bottles for subpackaging, and combine the travel time with the number of subpackaging. It is better to master roughly the amount to be added in the bottles according to the number of days traveled. It is not only a waste, but also not very desirable to put a full bottle back for a long time. Because it is lotion packed separately in bottles, even after disinfection treatment, attention should be paid to it.

2. After disinfecting the travel split bottle, open the cap of the split bottle. When opening, pay attention to the weight and follow the operation requirements.

3. After subpackaging lotion into subpackaging bottles, the bottles should be covered and sealed tightly to prevent filtration. In addition, it is necessary to make corresponding marks, so that we can know what is in the split bottles for easy searching.