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PET plastic bottle recycling method

Oct 14,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

A large number of PET plastic bottles are produced every day in our lives, and our various beverage packaging, food packaging, cosmetic packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging all have PET plastic bottle applications. PET plastic bottles do have better performance than other materials. PET plastic bottles are first and foremost transparent bottles, which are convenient for consumers to observe products. The appearance is very malleable, the toughness and compression resistance are very good, and the texture is very light, which is conducive to transportation. What to do with the increasing number of discarded PET plastic bottles?

The recycling of PET plastic bottles can not only solve environmental protection problems, but also can be used as a new raw material resource to alleviate the contradiction of insufficient PET raw materials in China.

The physical recycling method of PET plastic bottles is relatively simple, mainly drying and granulating the cleaned PET plastic bottle waste. The physical treatment of PET plastic bottles is closely related to the sorting process.
There are two main types of physical recycling methods:

First, the waste PET plastic bottles are cut into pieces, and HDPE, aluminum, paper and adhesive are separated from PET, and the PET pieces are washed, dried and pelletized;

The second is to first separate the non-PET bottle caps, bases, labels and other impurities on the waste PET plastic bottles by mechanical methods, and then wash, crush and granulate. Recycled PET must not contain PVC impurities, otherwise it will affect the color of PET.