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How to maintain the plastic preform mold

Aug 05,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

The production of plastic bottles requires the use of molds. I believe everyone should know it! Here, I will give you a proper introduction, and tell you how we should maintain this type of plastic preform mold, starting from three I will introduce each aspect to you, and you can take a look if you are interested.

1. Reduce operating costs

In the process of use, it is necessary to pay the cost of many operations, such as inspection cost, adjustment cost, lubricating oil cost, maintenance cost, etc. The sum of these costs is the cost of the operation. Among these costs, the largest amount is the maintenance cost. If a plastic preform mold is not well maintained, many additional repair costs are often paid, which makes it non-functional and increases operating costs.

2. Guarantee the stability of product quality

In order to ensure that the plastic preform mold can stably and reliably produce qualified plastic parts, it is necessary to keep the mold in good working condition. It cannot always be in good working condition during use. This or that situation often occurs, such as the action block caused by the lack of oil in the guide column (the MFG VG CC series products used to lubricate the guide column), the action deformation caused by the loose fasteners, etc. These small problems will bring bad luck to the product quality, and timely maintenance will overcome these small problems and keep the mold in good running condition.

3. Keep going down and stop doing maintenance

During the use of plastic preform molds, major failures often occur, requiring downtime for maintenance. Operation cannot continue during downtime. Therefore, the shorter the expected downtime, the better, and the shorter the downtime. Major failures of molds usually do not appear suddenly. It has a stacking process. For example, a lack of oil in the sliding parts can increase wear. If it can be repaired and refueled in time, the wear of the PP blank injection mold will be reduced. Closing of the mold is delayed. For example, in the lateral core-pulling mechanism of the inclined guide column, the screw fixing the inclined guide column is loosened, thereby changing the position of the inclined guide column. In severe cases, the inclined guide post may be deformed or even broken. These problems will be discovered and fastened in time in the maintenance process to avoid similar problems.

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