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How to judge the quality of a plastic packaging bottle

Jun 24,2022 / Industry News / Author: Administrator

As a manufacturer of plastic packaging bottles, it can be said responsibly that judging the quality of plastic packaging is related to the material of the plastic packaging bottle, its weight, process technology, etc. When it comes to materials, the same material is also divided into superior and inferior. Only superior materials can produce superior plastic packaging bottles, that is to say, if a bottle is made of the same material, such as pet material, then The quality of the pet plastic determines the quality of the bottle.
From the transparency, it can be seen that the quality of the material used in the plastic packaging bottle is good or not. The higher the transparency, and the thickness is also quite good, then this is a superior plastic packaging bottle. There are also many kinds of plastic packaging bottles, but they are all blown out. People in the industry call it blow molding, that is, use raw materials to process them into plastic packaging bottles, because the machine is blow-molded when they are produced, so it is called blow molding. Blow molding, in life, plastic packaging bottles are already a very common thing, which can be seen in the supermarket at ordinary times, so with plastic packaging bottles, people's lives will become colorful, so in plastic packaging The quality of the packaging bottles should be strictly controlled, and the superior plastic packaging should be environmentally friendly and safe.
When choosing a plastic packaging bottle manufacturer, you should pay attention to these problems. Today's plastic packaging bottles are not the traditional round and wide mouth. They have gradually differentiated from the round and wide mouth, and various kinds of All kinds of plastic packaging bottles, there are square, spherical, heterosexual and so on.